Dee has a strong belief in the value of personal growth and personal empowerment and responsibility. In her individual counseling sessions, Dee shares the most effective techniques from her years of experience and study to facilitate personal growth for her clients.

Astrology, Tarot and Channeled Guidance - Dee uses her highly developed spiritual vision is her work. Keen intuitiveness, insight born of experience, and the ability to communicate with spiritual beings complement Dee’s Astrology and Tarot readings.


Fee: $50 for half hour, $90 for one hour,

Jewelry Design - This same spiritual vision that she uses with her clients is an asset to Dee in her jewelry work. Intuition, insight and ability to communicate with spiritual beings inspire her design work. Each piece of her jewelry is created as a tangible spiritual meditation. Dee’s designs beautify body, mind and spirit!    Visit her website at Designs by Dee.  

In addition to the many styles Dee has created, she provides the option of custom designs that suit your unique energy, including custom astrological jewelry to express your birth chart (enhancing your strengths and balancing your challenges).
Fee: Please contact Dee to discuss fee

Jewelry Plus Guidance - Custom astrological jewelry comes with two sessions: an initial astrological consultation before the jewelry is made and a followup meeting to provide guidance in working with the energies in your chart and in your jewelry. Dee also offers Intuitive and Astrological Counseling to harmonize with the gemstones that empower your path.
Fee: Please contact Dee to discuss fee