Dee Shell

Intuitive, Astrology and Tarot Master and Spiritual Channel

 My Philosophy

I feel that personal growth work is extremely important. I also believe that there are many different ways to do this work. I have studied both Eastern and Western methods of personal growth. Both Eastern and Western methods provide for  individual and group work. Many people choose to pursue their growth on an individual basis. Others choose to find a suitable teacher or counselor. Group classes are another option. Whatever your personal choice is, it is the work that is important


Dee's Readings and Healings

I have over twenty-five years experience helping others. I use Astrology, Tarot, and Channeled Guidance in addition to other healing and counseling tools in my practice. No single technique is right for each person. I begin each encounter by discussing your goals and needs. We work together to decide which techniques will best help you achieve your own personal goals. I work in person and over the phone. I also teach classes and workshops on a variety of subjects.

How To Contact Me

I can be contacted for appointments or further information.

Email: Dee